Friday, May 29, 2009

A lot of things happening as I prepare for my first full week in this new studio.

This week saw me running around, having to change the addresses on my cards---I'm now at Suite 740, 611 Broadway. I had to return to Ikea for the nth time, because apparently the rack from which my newly-bought shelf would hang from had to be purchased separately (of course nobody told me that). Then I went and got hair from the hair district for a client and then off to the flower district for some flowers.

This was on a Wednesday, and everything had to be done before 5 pm because I had a color client, and then I needed to try out an assistant who might be able to help me with do weddings.

(Oh, and then I had to photo document my sink and figure out what was wrong with the chair since it's so uncomfortable. I definitely need to get a new one).

And finally I had to prepare for a Good Housekeeping shoot the next morning. All in one day. I've never been more psyched. More to come.

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