Tuesday, April 28, 2009

very exciting new

well after much planning, its about to happen! i will be opening my own studio in Soho. my dream is to create an artistic space where creative people can come together.... and of course a comfortable space for me to do all of my wonderful clients!
see you all there
stay tuned for more details coming soon......

Marco Guglielmino

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today's Beauty Tip: how to deal with all the rain, get smooth frizz free hair

Today's beauty tip: in the rainy weeks to come, remember to use a smoothing creme in your hair to keep the moisture out and the shine in. i love ALFAPARF's Diamonti smoothing creme because its light and works beautifully to keep frizz down and your hair smooth.
use a small amount on your damp hair, work it thru from your scalp right down to to your ends. blow dry on high heat for just a few minutes focusing on the root area ONLY, then switch to medium heat to finish your blow dry remembering to always work down the cuticle layer {blowing the air down the hair shaft} to keep it smooth. finishing your blow dry with a shot of cool air will seal your cuticle and give your hair a smooth shinny look.
any questions....? drop me a line

great hair: Collodion Photograohy

hair by www.marconyc.com

shot by Robert Malmberg

styling by Newheart Ohanian

make up by Agata Helena

great hair: Collodion Phtography

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Collodion Photography

im really excited about this process of photography called Collodion. in a digital world, its nice to step away from high resolutions and pixels for a moment. this 18th century style of photography is what you see every time you see a picture of Abraham Lincoln.
Roberts camera was newly constructed in the same way the original 18th century cameras were built. the lens is an actual lens from the 18th century that he found, of course, on ebay.
put an artistic format like this in the hands of a bunch of creative people and you get something extra ordinary.

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