Monday, August 3, 2009

August 1 at 1:10am

I am absolutely thrilled now that I have had the Brazilian Hair Straightening...especially now that the hot, humid summer is upon us! It has made getting ready a snap now that I no longer need to flat iron my hair daily! Even when it is hot and humid outside, my hair remains pinstraight as if I just stepped out of the salon!!! Every summer I vacation in LBI and I have always been so disappointed that after flat ironing my hair to make it presentable, I had a headful of frizz literally moments after I stepped outside. If I had a nice curl to my hair, I would embrace it in the humid weather but, as you already know, my hair has a slight wave and has always been a frizzy mess in humidity! Now, even on the most humid of days, I look like I just left your very capable hands in the salon. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! My hair has never been in better condition; I barely need conditioner and it remains silky soft. It has literally changed my life as I have NEVER had wash and go hair. It saves so much time and I will definitely recommend it to all my friends.



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