Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today's Beauty Tip: how to deal with all the rain, get smooth frizz free hair

Today's beauty tip: in the rainy weeks to come, remember to use a smoothing creme in your hair to keep the moisture out and the shine in. i love ALFAPARF's Diamonti smoothing creme because its light and works beautifully to keep frizz down and your hair smooth.
use a small amount on your damp hair, work it thru from your scalp right down to to your ends. blow dry on high heat for just a few minutes focusing on the root area ONLY, then switch to medium heat to finish your blow dry remembering to always work down the cuticle layer {blowing the air down the hair shaft} to keep it smooth. finishing your blow dry with a shot of cool air will seal your cuticle and give your hair a smooth shinny look.
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