Tuesday, April 28, 2009

very exciting new

well after much planning, its about to happen! i will be opening my own studio in Soho. my dream is to create an artistic space where creative people can come together.... and of course a comfortable space for me to do all of my wonderful clients!
see you all there
stay tuned for more details coming soon......

Marco Guglielmino

917 612 1636


  1. i ordered my "salon furniture" today. im totally excited but now just need to find my electric shampoo joy chair.
    a dear friend of mine, i have known for over 20 years, has an awesome sofa. the first time i saw it, i was amazes on its architectural design- luckily he is ready to move with it so i am purchasing it from him for my new space!
    its all coming together!

  2. Marco is amazing! He has been my hair stylist ever since I moved to NYC (2004) and I could never go to anyone else! Marco is great at finding a style that fits your face! Often times you will go to a stylist that will cut your hair based on a picture from a magazine that you like. If he doesn't think it will be flattering, he won't do it, but you'll find that he'll give you a cut that is even better! TRY HIM OUT! Marco can do no wrong!

  3. thats awesome Marco! The space looks great. I remember talking about this day so long ago in Tokyo with you. I couldn't be happier for you, so glad your following your heart and dreams.
    Only one thing left,........

    ...... when do I start? :-)

    all the best,

    Jeff Ward