Monday, June 15, 2009

The next wave in hair care....NATURAL INGREDIENTS!

The one scary thing about looking good is that practically all the products we use today are packed with chemicals like sulfate and other synthetic properties. Shampoos, conditioners and styling solutions have so much of these mixed into them that it actually  seems they do us more harm than good. In fact, it was just discovered that "paraben," a preservative used in beauty products like shampoo and make-up, is a carcinogen! That is insane: we've been exposed to so much damaging chemicals that we may need to start asking ourselves if being beautiful is worth it.

But of course it is. We just need to avoid products that have too much of these chemicals, and start using products that recognize the importance of being beautiful and healthy. We don't need all these ingredients. Let's go back to the basics. Being beautiful doesn't need to be so complicated!  

I've always believed in keeping things simple and natural. Right now, I am using a fabulous new product called BISH, which is an all-natural, moisturizing shampoo minus all the synthetic, hair-deadening agents. The shampoo contains only lush and proven effective ingredients like sea kelp and alginates. This shampoo is excellent for hair and scalp health---the difference is obvious in just a couple of months. Unfortunately, the store does not carry this shampoo or anything like it yet. It's a brand new product and I am privileged to be able to use it at my studio. (And it comes in a beautiful glass bottle, which I love).

It's all about taking a step back and rediscovering the natural. 

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