Wednesday, July 29, 2009

installation by MARKUS LINNENBRINK

I have had the pleasure of knowing Markus for about five years now. I was first introduced to his work when i moved to NYC, coming from Tokyo, i adored his sense of color placement and vibrancy. His work excited me, i felt happy and alive when i looked at his drip paintings and his drill paintings.
I saw my first installation of his in a Chelsea gallery in the early 2000's- i was overwhelmed! i am so honored and excited to now have his work living with me everyday. i am thrilled to look at it and when i do, I'm always see something new!
My clients also are amazed. its been so fun watching peoples expressions while they try to figure out the brilliance. Everyone has been picking out their favorite colors within the piece!
Its so much fun!
come check it out in person.

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